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Summer Menus

Breakfast & Brunch

Served Tue-Sun 9am-12pm

Full English Breakfast (GF on request)                          £11.50

Cumberland sausage, two rashers of bacon, hash brown, baked beans, tomato, mushroom, egg of choice, white or granary toast.

Extras; Fried bread £1.50, Sausage £2.00, Bacon £2.00, Hash brown £1.40


Vegan & Veggie English Breakfast (GF on request)    £11.50

VE Sausage, VE streaky bacon, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown, white or granary toast.

Extras; Fried bread £1.50, ‘Sausage’ £2.00, ‘Bacon’ £2.00,

Hash brown £1.40


American Breakfast                                                             £13.95

Two American pancakes with butter & syrup on side. Sausage patty, Smoked Streaky bacon, hash brown, Fried or scrambled egg.


Steak & Eggs                                                                         £17.00

5oz Sirloin Steak, Bacon loaded diced potatoes, two fried free-range eggs.


Flatbread Breakfast Rolls                                                     £7.00

Bacon & Egg

Sausage & Egg 

VE Sausage

Add cheese £2.00/ VE cheese £2.25


American pancakes

With Butter, syrup & smoked streaky Bacon                   £10.50

With warmed Nutella & strawberries                                £10.50

With Banana, caramel & pecans                                         £12.50


French toast

Nutella & strawberries                                                          £10.50

Syrup, Banana & pecans                                                       £12.50

Streaky Bacon, syrup &strawberries                                  £10.50



Eggs Benedict                                                                       £10.50

 (Ham, muffin, poached eggs & side hollandaise sauce)

Eggs chilli Avocado                                                             £12.50

(Smashed chilli avocado, muffin, poached eggs & side hollandaise sauce)


Scrambled eggs/ poached eggs on 2 slices of toast     £7.00

Add smoked salmon £3.50 Add Bacon £2.00, Avocado £3.50





For all our offerings please also see our daily specials board in the main restaurant.


For all our up-to-date events, shop offerings, themed afternoon tea information please visit Or find us on socials!


Gilt Rooms Burger                                                                         £14.95    8oz British Beef Burger, salad & pickles, smoked streaky bacon, cheddar cheese & ‘Stokes’ caramelized red onion chutney served with a Side of fat chips & coleslaw.


Clucky Burger                                                                                 £14.95

Homemade Southern fried style free range chicken burger, sliced avocado, salad & pickles, siracha mayonnaise. Side of fat chips & coleslaw.

Add Streaky bacon £2.00 Add halloumi cheese £2.50


‘VE KFC’ style Mushroom Burger                                               £13.50

Large flat mushroom coated in our own KFC inspired mix, served with avocado, burger salad, pickles, VE mayo. Side of fat chips & VE coleslaw.                                Add VE cheese £2.50


Moroccan Flat bread                                                                       £16.50

Spiced warm Moroccan marinated Chicken breast, with fresh cabbage, carrot, salad, sliced red onion, homemade Moroccan spiced mayo dressing and fresh coriander & chilli. Served with a side of coleslaw and spiced potatoes.                                                                      

VE Falafel Flat bread                                                                        £13.50

Our homemade chickpea-based falafels, fresh cabbage, carrot, salad, VE mayo, fresh coriander, sliced red onion, hummus. Served with spiced potatoes.

Beef Kofta pitta                                                                                 £15.50

Homemade beef koftas, with fresh salad, cucumber & tomato, homemade tzatziki. Served in a soft pitta, fat chips and coleslaw.

Ploughman’s                                                                                      £13.95

Cheese selection, glazed gammon ham, salad, crisps, celery, pickles & chutney & warm ciabatta roll.

Fishfinger sandwich                                                                         £14.95

Homemade cod goujons, salad, tartar sauce. Fat chips and side salad.

Fresh Salad of the day

Please see today’s special board for our selection of fresh summer salads.


Served with homemade coleslaw, crisps & side salad with French dressing.

Bacon, Brie & Cranberry £8.50

Coronation chicken & baby gem lettuce £8.50

BLT & mayo £8.50

Tuna mayo, red onion & avocado £8.50

Cheddar cheese and ‘stokes’ red onion chutney £7.75

Egg Mayo & tomato   £7.75

VE cheese & chutney £7.75

Half-ternoon tea/ £20.00 per person

Our version of a walk-in afternoon tea. Served on a tiered cake stand. Available 11am onwards. No advance booking required.

Simply choose one sandwich on white or granary: Tuna mayo & cucumber, Egg mayo & tomato, cheese and chutney, ham and mustard, coronation chicken & lettuce, smoked Salmon and cream cheese.

Select a slice of cake from our cake fridge selection.

Includes freshly baked mini fruit & plain scones, with Tiptree jam & clotted cream.

Select your individual tea or choose an individual cafetiere of coffee.

All our food is prepared fresh on the premise. Sometimes, this can mean a delay in service during busier times. We would like to thank you for your patience in this instance.

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